A Muse

Sometimes I amuse myself with the things I do!                                                                                    

A Muse!

I have often wondered why people used, needed, had to have a Muse. Now I get it. My Muse is so far away, yet so close I can smell the scent it carries. I miss my Muse. I sometimes think I’m in love with it. Funny thing is, The Muse has no idea that’s it’s a Muse. It’s not a woman, nor is it a Goddess. Goddess like, but not quite. It’s like in ‘The Artist’s Way’ sometimes whether we want to or not, we must write. I look to you, my Muse, to show up and show out in my life. By the way, thanks for The Artist’s Way!

Now, can you give me the inspiration I need? Or do I seek outside unwanted forces to be reckoned with? I remember it being said that I was the sweet one. The moment I needed the support from you, you were gone (again) in a flash. I have yet to receive my rave reviews, my encouraging words, my gentle touches, and my slight nudges. Either way, it seems that you are oblivious to my strong appetite. Oblivious to my unspoken request. Oblivious to my need to have you. Law of attraction will connect us once again. I am sure of it. As usual, LOA connected us already. Actually I stood in shock of your presence. Right smack dab in front of me, There you were. I missed the opportunity to grab ahold of you, to hold you within me; to smell the scent you always carry. For that, I am forever apologetic. If I could take back that one moment, I would. But life doesn’t give us take-backs. Therefore, only in my dreams do I see you holding me up through this life of/as an Artist. Dreams…                                          

Sometimes situations and circumstances take away our favorable times. So I’ll sit back and relish in the moment you realize how absolutely wonderful you are to me. My mind smiles at the things we’ve once shared; the moments, the books, the music, the little people, the laughs, the soft murmuring sounds, and the moment you consciously realized you are here for me, and I for you. 

If I could turn the tables, I would bow down and greet you with the welcoming you so righteously deserve. You are my Muse, and I miss the way you encourage me to be all that I am. I miss the way you gave me the right things at the right times. You still amaze me to this day. How beautiful you are to me, you may never truly know. 

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