You are just as clear to me now, as the day you came into my life
I can recall every detail about you
When you were robed in terry cloth
When you peeked out the corner of your eye to get a glance at me
The many invitations you called upon me to feed my being did not go unnoticed
I long to be a gnat on your wall
Just to get a glimpse of the site of you
My dear Dream, you keep me mesmerized with your entire being
How you do, what you do, A-mazing me
Dream, when I see your smile, I get all warm and fuzzy
When I see you holding the hand of an elder, I adore you more
Maybe someone should have told you how great you are
I see moments of sadness in your core
I will not ignore the door you long to walk through
Oh, the desire I have to be on the other side of it, awaiting your presence
My Dearest Dream,
Are you listening? Are you there?
When will you return to me? If only for a moment, I want to be in your presence
Just the two of us, doing what we do…Dreaming!







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