My Dearest Novel,

I look forward to the words that come across my pages. I am forever grateful that you will always remain in my heart and in my mind. I will never forget how sweet you have been to me. I know, I may appear illusive in my words, but I must protect you, the best way I see fit.
In another life, I will spread you across the sands, watching you fly. I will cheer you on. You are my #1 bestseller.
In times past, you were so vivid in my minds eye. I could see all that you were and still are to me. I could feel your presence. I could understand the battles you faced head on. Oh, how I wanted to turn your pages, creating new experiences with you. I thirst for even those small moments of entering your smoke-filled rooms of pleasure. I can hear the music that we’ve made, playing over and over in my head. Its’ melody is purely sensational. In the creation, every stroke of your pen rhythmically found the next note. A-hh, and the sound is so superb, as we relish in its harmony together. As you caress each of my pages with the soft touch of your felt pen, I am the ink yearning to explode from the warmth and the friction.

I will never forget the memories I hold, nor the kindness you’ve shown. Maybe only in my dreams will you ever come to life. I will take what I can get, until we meet again. For now and forever more you have a hold on my heart. Until our story is written, you will remain a pure fantasy of the most fantastic pleasure.
I hope you are receiving the vibe I am sending, as I assure you you are in my soul and my spirit. Your steady thought and focus are phenomenally attractive. As you think of me, and I of you, I hope your smile is as vast as mine. We will be together again; if not for a lifetime, but for a moment or two.
I kick myself for all the opportunities I refused to take, for fear that I could no longer hold myself back from spreading you across my walls. Your invitation plays over and over in head. Same day response! You were quick on the draw. I held back, wanting things to be perfect. For that, again, I am apologetic.
Those moments you freely gave to me, run rampant though mind. From the extra words, deeds, and swapping of something so tiny, I had no choice but to be grateful for the Creator’s work of art.
I will read between the lines, just as I imagine your words are for me down deep, only scratching the surfaces for others. We have a love like no other, you are my novel and I am your apprentice. Use me with your creative mind. Soothe my pages with your words, and I will look forward to never missing you again.

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