Emotionally Unattached

I had a pretty intense conversation with someone, and the question came up…  What happens when the most important person in your life is not emotionally attached to you? Needless to say you’re attached to them. Any thoughts? Please feel free to share.
I’m just thinking about how this could result into something positive. I’ll express that sometime in the future.

It’s the future!!!
Well we could take it in countless directions. Revenge, Hatred, Anger…Yuck!!!
How about this… Despite the fact that people are just who they are, we always have a golden opportunity to be in the energy field of love or above. God forgives us of all of our wrong doings, ask that we do the same, so that He may forgive us. So I would choose to let it go. Let go of the trappings of being stuck with the ones who are surface people, surfing through life on the top of the water. When we go deep, we get to see more vivid colors, feel the depth of our being, and touch the hearts of those deserving the love we all possess somewhere down deep within.
I choose love any day of the week, any hour of the day, any second of any minute. How about you?
Is there someone in your life that’s surface, surfing through this life? Let’s feel the feelings of love for them and bless them wherever they are, and move up.
Until next time, feel loved because you are. Feel the joy of having all the love you deserve, because this is your life waiting to be molded the way you see fit.
Love!!! Love!!! Love!!!
Muah to You!!!

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