A Candy Crush Life!!!

A Candy Crush Life!!!

When a particular level of Candy Crush appears onto your screen, confusion as to how you will conquer this level enters your mind. Our lives are one in the same. Each level of awareness, may initially appear as an inopportune feat. As we place our confidence in the knowingness that every level of life has already been achieved, we move in confidence to successfully fulfill our own mission.

As the time allotted appears to be unequaled to the task at hand, we make our first move anyway. We may move too quickly, missing an opportunity to have added a booster. Despite that miss, we simply continue to take on the challenge of moving forward.

We may have someone come into our lives and motivate us to push to get to and through the current circumstance we face. As we strategically make our next move, we observe and dissect the aim to complete this level. As we take each move in efforts to complete what we are assigned, we must remember not to focus on the time, nor the number of moves we have left.

Look back on how many levels you have already completed, and remember just as Candy Crush will give us a new life in time, so will this life we live give us another opportunity to fulfill our purpose.

Take into consideration that in time we heal, and in time we are given support to succeed in our endeavors. We are also granted the possibility of a friend willingly giving us a new leash on life. Even when they are not aware that we need a new opportunity to accomplish the level we are on, we can still ask anyone for help.

In the same way that we have assisted others, someone who’s awake, reaches over and offers us a new window of hope. Receive, and give back.

Again we take on this same level that we thought was impossible to achieve. And because we see someone else has already achieved it, we then begin to gain confidence knowing with this new life, we are given another chance. We align three or more ways to manage this goal, aspiring to level up.

This time as we move quickly -strategizing better than before- we see our goal clearly. Now that we recognize that we always had help, we simply take our time, developing our own game plan. We endeavor to surpass that which has been done aiming for a new record.

Occasionally, we get so close to accomplishing our goal that again we lose sight of the action plan. But we fear not!!! We have a reserve life and a booster to propel us forward to make this level history. Now we are completely aware of the fact that in life, with God all things are possible. We put on our armor and plunge out into the force field of this reality. No we will not run out of moves, nor will we run out of time. We will conquer what we have come to do in this life. We will fulfill our purpose. We will win no matter what.

And even when it seems like we have not accomplished the level, all of a sudden everything comes together, and the world lights up like fireworks. We did it! The colors of life are more vibrant than before. The music begins to make sense and comes in tune with what we see. We thank the Creator for creating and giving us this opportunity. We shout “YES,” throw our hands up and do our little dance, and then we head back into a new zone!!!

As this life we live seems as though it has more power over us, we must remember that God is the only POWER in our lives. We can and will, just like in Candy Crush or any other game, accomplish that which we set out to do. Our aim is to fulfill God’s purpose, as we all have gifts, talents, and a purpose to share with the world.

Do not allow the obstacles to overtake you. Do not allow what seems like a means to no end deceive you. You are created in a beautiful and wonderfully made image of God. No one or no thing can take away what God has made. We are spiritual beings, living through a human experience. Our Spirits were never born and will never die.

And for this reason, proceed progressively, feeling certain that your purpose will come together in harmony with the vision God has established for you.

Linda K. Bolden

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