My Declaration

I am a barefoot Being, living the life of my dreams. I am an Heir who works for and serves God and some of His people. I encourage some of the people on some of the paths I cross. I live a peaceful life, full of joy and love. Occasionally, I have a moment where I am reminded that I have made mistakes and silly choices. But God still reigns supreme and will always Be. He is still Amazing! He is still The King! He is still my Father and I am still His child. He is still my Creator. He is still The Righteous One! And I still serve Him in a wonderfully weird way. I am Good! I have nothing to prove to anyone, anymore.  They can have their words of judgment. I return them to them with hope that God will speak to their Hearts and Minds. From this day forth, I am speaking life. Speaking life into myself, into my family, my friends and into those that have hurt me…including myself. I  am walking a new journey. I am nearing the 2nd half of my next 50 years, and these 50 will be the best yet. Why am I telling you all of this. I’m not. I’m speaking to myself, to remind myself that I am wonderfully made in God’s image, soaked in the blood of Christ and filled with the Holy Spirit.  This… is for me. Now if you have received anything from what I’ve just said, then you are blessed, and I just received a double portion of my own declaration. To God Be The Glory! Ahmen!

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